Save the Schools!

As I was researching about the various types of non-traditional jobs a LIS graduate could pursue, I came across an interesting blog post which discussed the future of school librarians. Alison Glass is a grad student in LIS at the iSchool of Syracuse University.

In her blog post, Save the School Librarians, she talked about how librarian positions have been getting cut due to school budgets. She listed a few examples of how schools were being affected by this cut such as the Los Angeles Unified School District cutting 85 school librarians, and then held hearings in which the librarians were forced to prove their competency as teachers. As a future librarian, I find this truly sad. Schools without librarians will just not function the same.


Librarians are trained to teach students how to research, fill out job applications, analyze information, evaluate their sources and utilize new technology. It is evident that school librarians are necessary in schools. Librarians help develop collections that support both the teachers and students. Yes, students may end up visiting their community libraries to get answers to their questions, but the quality of learning will be different. In a school library, the collections usually consists of materials that are relevant to the learning objectives or are tailored to the curriculum, thus making their collections much more useful.



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